...NCES [natural capital and ecosystem services] does not translate easily to financial capital. One promising approach is the Intrinsic Value Exchange, or IVE...
— Mark Mykleby, Patrick Doherty nad Joel Makower, Excerpt from "The New Grand Strategy"

...we have to focus on the improvement of our investment capacity ranging from REDD+ initiatives to the employment of the Intrinsic Value Exchange approach to generate the funding of sustainable sectors in our economies.
— Suriname's President Dési Bouterse, In a speech before the CARICOM ambitious effort underway to help companies and investors put a more specific price on the benefits derived from natural resources or societal assets.
— Heather Clnacy, GreenBiz

If you just get a valuation and predictive platform built, it will be tremendously valuable.
— John Sherriff, Former CEO Enron Europe

— Paul Hawken, author of "Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution"

While I am not one who engages in environmental political advocacy, I do care deeply about certain environmental issues. If I could invest in these natural assets that are dear to me, I would do so.
— James C. Langdon Jr., geopolitical energy expert

The literature on valuing natural capital is vast. But the mechanisms to actually create a tangible value are scant, if not entirely nonexistent, in the current financial system.
— Stephen Lacey, Greentech Media